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Please find below some links to items which can be made for the sales table and tombola for the 2023 exhibition:

Here is a link to a lovely Youtube video on
how to make a glasses case from Stuart
Hillard. A great gift for friends or a make for
our our sales table.

Another Youtube link to make a different
style of glasses case. I have made this one. I
just use regular wadding and a very strong
needle to get through all the layers


Origami pouches
I have found a free pattern for some sweet little pouches which when folded cleverly have 5 internal pockets/slots. They are easy to make and I think would be a great item for the sales table at the exhibition.

The pattern is available at:

I have made a slightly larger version and also found a way to top stitch the pockets. The measurements I used are attached; I'd recommend putting the turning hole and the bottom and top stitch where indicated in blue. Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance.